Does anyone even care about WordPress?

I’ll be capping off WordCamp Winnipeg tomorrow¬†with a talk entitled: “Does Anyone Even Care About WordPress?”

I threw it out there as a topic a few months ago, because I had this little itch in my brain about it all. And then it took me a long time to struggle with why. I think it’s because the question is very similar to: Does Anyone Even Care About The Open Web?¬†I won’t ruin my talk¬†by writing¬†a post that replicates it beforehand, but it’s an important question that I think we need to ask.

In a time where it seems like the gated web has won. In a time where everyone is deeply absorbed in (and maybe manipulated by) Big Data. In a time where there are many proclaiming that blogging is dead, social media having sucked it’s blood and left it in the dungeons of the internet content machine. In a time where a small business can use Square Space or any other number of DIY template on a shoe-string, hosted proprietary systems, who cares about WordPress or the open web?


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