Making it real

Ideas are great. I love ideas. I love coming up with concepts for people. It’s¬†why I love my job. I love working with creative people and with people who do things we don’t normally think of as creative in a creative way.

I have a whole bank of ideas that haven’t found a home. That is, I’ve got a bunch of really cool concepts for projects that I haven’t found the right way to make real yet.

Over the summer, I had the privilege of seeing one of my favourites come to life: Alleyways Market (in the Exchange) was an idea I sat with for nearly 3 years. And then I had a chat with my friend Tom, and he said: let’s do it.

We enlisted the talented LuckyGirl Popup operators to help us curate the “maker” side of things, partnered with the Winnipeg Exchange District BIZ and CentreVenture Development Corp, and it came to life beautifully.

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