Everyone’s an Expert

The title may sound facetious (‚Äúeveryone’s a comedian‚Äù), but it’s a statement of fact.

If you’re reading this, you are the foremost expert at something. No one else is an expert in exactly the same combination of things and in exactly the same way as you are.

It’s as true of companies and organizations as it is of people.

The trick is to zero in on your expertise, your unique combination of style and knowledge and talent, and then focus. Celebrate what you alone can do.

Focus your expertise, find¬†build your network around it and keep the opportunities for serendipity at a maximum. If you can do this,¬†you will never have to worry about competition. It won’t exist.

I’m reminded of this with every project I take on. The people I work with are experts in what they do, and I’m an expert in helping them focus on it, remove the distractions and connect with the people who can benefit from it.

It really is amazing and true. You’re an expert. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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