Why an open web is better for business

There are plenty of people around who will talk about all the moral reasons why we need to keep the web open. It’s democratic. It allows for free speech. It makes information accessible to everyone.

One thing that’s neglected in these conversations is this: an open web isn’t simply good for hippies and the furthering of peace, love and understanding‚Äîit’s good for business.

On an open web, you are free to carve out your own space and connect with potential customers on your own terms. You are not restricted by what the gate-keepers decide you can and can’t do in their space.¬†The bar to entry is wonderfully low, and you can express all the brilliant originality of your business in ways that suit you and your customers. You get to be a personality, and that is a great way to create the conditions for serendipity.

I’ve written a fair bit about why blogging should be your first instinct (and I’ll probably write more) but for now, I’ll leave you with this analogy:

Social media platforms are like massive hotels where you can check in but never check out. A Blog is a bed and breakfast you own, where you entertain your guests in your own way and point them to other bed and breakfasts they’ll enjoy.

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