Creating Serendipity

Listening to Joi Ito’s interview the other day (start at about 18:55) has me thinking about serendipity.

If the rise of the Interactive Age is transforming the traditional brand into the Interactive Brand, then the marketing strategy needs to be radically different also. We stop thinking about audiences and start thinking about networks. We stop thinking about message control and start thinking about dialogue.

But here’s the big one. The Interactive Brand doesn’t advertise. The Interactive Brand creates serendipity.

That’s also what the web does well. It creates the conditions for people to connect with just the right idea or how-to or entertainment or other people at just the right time.

Think about that for a second.

The Interactive Brand actively creates, strengthens and connects the various nodes in its network—whether that leads directly to a sale or not. The more connections, the more opportunities for serendipity, the more likely you are to connect your product, service, organization or idea with the right people.

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