SpeakUpWinnipeg Part 2

I was more than thrilled when the City of Winnipeg decided to give SpeakUpWinnipeg life beyond OurWinnipeg.

As you might already know,

SpeakUpWinnipeg was developed as a brand, communications and public consultation strategy with its roots in the notion of collaboration and interactive branding.

The concept was to create a dialogue about the future of the city and to incorporate a solid communications and marketing plan to tell a new story about planning. The result was one of the most innovative and successful exercises in public consultation for a planning document in North America.


SpeakUpWinnipegCollaborating with their in-house team, I have the pleasure of being involved with them again. Rather than simply redesigning their website with a different feature set, we took a step back and looked at what SpeakUpWinnipeg could become. The result was the development of an integrated, public consultation platform for the implementation of OurWinnipeg. As the city presses forward in implementing their innovative development plan, they are set to use an interactive brand and strategy and keep their process relevant in the Interactive Age.

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