I can help you with every aspect of your communications or engagement process, at any stage of your strategic development.

Whether you’re looking for a simple brainstorming session to see where you might like to go or are ready for a full-on strategic brand overhaul, I’ll help you define, plan and implement your next campaign or initiative. I can pull together a fantastic team for nearly any size of project, and I’ll even help you write an RFP and help you with your selection, if you really do need to hire a big, fancy ad agency.

While every project is unique, most fall broadly into some version of the following categories:

Interactive Brand + Strategy
Integrated Campaigns
Online Strategy & Web Direction
Workshops, Seminars & Training

Interactive Brand + Strategy

Successful marketing connects ‚Äúwho‚Äù a company, service or organization is with people that can most benefit from it. Branding is the foundation of good marketing and centres around defining who you are, who you say you are and what your audience thinks of you. This often begins with understanding the disconnect between the three and creating a plan to line them up. If you’re starting from scratch, you get the benefit of confidently¬†launching forward with your personality, your message and your connections working together perfectly.

ServicesThe best brands today are interactive. They are an interplay between your organization and the people it connects with, evolving as those relationships do. They prefer measuring networks rather than audiences and influence rather than “awareness.”

An interactive brand and strategy will help you make decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts, what media to use and how to tie them all together with your core message. Even more importantly, it will take that interactive approach to all of your communications—online or off, traditional or new and unconventional—connecting the dots from one interaction to the next.

Integrated, Interactive Campaigns

An integrated, interactive campaign does more than push your message out to a variety of “channels.” By taking an interactive approach to your marketing, I can help you find interesting ways to create an entire platform for achieving your goals.

Your campaign should be a vibrant platform, integrating physical media, online strategies, guerilla tactics and good old fashioned personal connections.¬†We’ll work through the networks you need to reach into, what media to use and how to connect them all through dynamic links that draw people from one experience to the next.

Online Strategy & Web Direction

Does your company need to be on Facebook? Should you be on Twitter? Maybe or Tumblr make more sense. What about keeping a blog?

While everyone can benefit from an online presence of some kind, that doesn’t mean that you should go chasing after every “social media” trend or follow the marketing crowd into the latest whiz-bang piece of technology that was wildly successful for another company six months ago.¬†That’s because it’s not about the platform or the technology you use, it’s about becoming the platform that the people you want to connect with seek out and value.

I can help you figure out an appropriate strategy for your online presence that fits who you are and reaches the people you need to connect with.

Whether it’s redesigning your website, guiding you through a content strategy, positioning you properly within a particular social network or simply offering feedback on what you’re already up to, I can help you understand, participate in and become effective with our new dominant form of public communication.

Workshops, Seminars and Training

I regularly integrate workshops and training into my client work and offer a range of stand-alone workshops and seminars to help you integrate interactive thinking into your communications and marketing approach.

There is a whole lot that you can do yourself, depending on your time, talent and inclination. Keeping up a successful blog is simpler than you think. You can bootstrap your marketing efforts by building from a simple core strategy and adding a mix of DIY and hired services as you go. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing.

I offer a range of workshops, seminars and hands-on training experiences to help you and your team understand, participate in and effectively communicate in the interactive age. I can give you an overview of the new realities of branding and marketing strategies, a workshop in starting, maintaining and growing an effective blog, how, why and when to get involved in social media or even help you with develop good, old-fashioned public speaking presentations.