I provide a full spectrum of branding, strategy and online development to a variety of clients.

I work collaboratively with each to develop the right mix of services‚Äîwhether it’s consulting and training for clients who are inclined to do some work themselves or pulling together the right team of professionals to implement complete brand strategies, campaigns and engagement initiatives.

I work iteratively, creating strategies that are modular instead of linear—and by pulling together the right team for each client and each project, your project always gets the highest level of attention, understanding and custom-innovated work.

I have worked extensively with the public sector on branding and consultation initiatives, with small and medium sized businesses and with a range of non-profit organizations. I have also worked with individuals on personal branding strategies, agencies who need an outside perspective and bloggers who need just a little extra nudge.

You can find a selection of the projects I’m working on lately by checking out the Shipping section of my blog.

If you’d like specific references or recommendations, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to connect you with some of my clients.